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FRP Asset Ultrasonic Inspection Services

CWS is proud to be the trained and certified for UTComp ultrasonic data collection, servicing Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Manitoba, as well as being able to travel the rest of the globe. This UT collection technology will be used in conjunction with UTComp engineering FRP asset mechanical integrity report generation, allowing FRP asset owners the ability to finally have a practical assessment tool when managing the remaining service life of their vessels, tanks, and piping systems.

Exciting news: UTComp ultrasonic analysis can now be used on PVC piping circuits and systems. Ask us about your recreational fiberglass assets, like powerboats, sailboats, waterslides, and playground equipment. Ensure the safety of your loved ones.

The advantages of FRP are undeniable. However, your FRP assets are not all created equal. In fact, most FRP has variations in quality and consistency, even when new.

Conventional methods of testing FRP are inadequate, costly, and present safety risks for both your facility and personnel.

The CWS - UTComp Ultrasonic examination advantage:

Nonintrusive NDE Examination - No shutdown or interruption of services for both pipes and vessels, confined space entry usually not required
Asset Management - Complete life-cycle information about your asset, from new or almost-new, through production and use, to repair or replacement.

True cradle-to-grave monitoring.
Budget Cycles - Know how much life your assets have left, with plenty of time to budget for replacements - years in advance.
Risk Analysis - Mechanical integrity and remaining service life.
Risk-Based Inspection - To personnel, environment, overall process of the plant, potential loss of revenue.
QA/QC - Baselining - MTR Equivalency - Repeatability-Reproducibility
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What Is the UTComp System?
The UTComp system is based on more than 60 years of scientific research, including work originally conducted by NASA. In addition to our internal research, this system has also been confirmed by the University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, and York University, Toronto, Ontario. It is more than conventional ultrasonic thickness testing. The value of this innovative system comes from the innovative post-processing of the raw data to provide repeatable and reproducible results.

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What you will get from CWS ultrasonic data collection services and UTComp engineering report analysis:

• A proactive inspection that can help avoid failures, therefore avoiding costly repairs, cleanup, and negative public relations;
• Evaluations can be completed on all sizes of pipe, including to a minimum of 2 inches or 50 mm in diameter;
• The initial testing can be completed in the manufacturer's facility, and while the plant is in full production;
• The owner does not have to wait for a shutdown or, worse yet, create a shutdown for the inspection;
• A baseline from manufacturer or installation can be set for ongoing inspections;
• The regular scheduled inspections create a monitoring curve;
• Data can be collected by UTComp trained personnel: UTComp employee, an end-user employee, manufacturer, or a licensee;
• Provides production information for manufacturers to minimize wastage or overproduction;
• Provides measurement for acceptance criteria;
• Verify the quality and successful achievement of customer requirements;
• Cost-effective solution that can be completed in a timely fashion;
• The system has been built to allow for a time efficient "one walk" of the pipe by the UTComp data collector.

Advantages of This UT System Case Studies • UT Comp Main Website Sample Vessel Report Another Sample Report

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